HDR Image Backgrounds

Example of an HDR Composited Image

This image is a composite of two images. Sarah, our model, was photographed in studio on a white background. She was then extacted from the picture and dropped on to an HDR background to produce the composite image.

These HDR composite images are standout pieces. Normally we want to showcase our portrait clients in their images. We compose and light them so they are the focus point of the photograph. However in our HDR dynamic portraits, we like to blend quality background HDR images that can stand alone with our portrait subjects. This makes the image extremely interesting in that there is so much to grab the viewier and suck them into the image.

We produce HDR's for use in our senior photography business. They are available for purchase in our HDR Image Shopping Gallery. These images are apporpriately licensed so you can use them in your business to create composites for display, competition or to sell.